I am presently working on two different series: the ‘Alchemical’ and the ‘Mixed Media’. Although I use the
common metal, "copper" in both of these series, each one is distinctively different and unique.

The 'Mixed Media Series' incorporate unconventional material to compliment the copper.  I find my
medium unpredictable and full of surprises. It feels as if the copper is alive and has its own intelligence.
I allow the piece to guide me, however the final image reflects the materials’ innate qualities, as well as
my thoughts and feelings.  

The Alchemical series on the other hand is comprised from acrylic glass along with the copper.  
Transforming under the guidance of Divine Intelligence, the work in this series can take anywhere from
a few months to a few years to reach its final form.

The techniques I implement are self-discovered through meditation, driven dedication, and the careful
mastery of my process over many years. My meditative process takes me to a more expanded level of
consciousness and I feel more connected to all existence.