The art of Alchemy which dates back twenty-five hundred years is one process by which the
transmutation of common metals into gold can be achieved. The process taking place in Alchemy
serves as a representation of internal changes taking place in human beings, changing from the
density of material nature towards an unlimited consciousness. As the
dissolution of material form
takes place, the internal
transformation provides the seeker with passages into formless which
further reveal the true intentions of life.

Legend states that in order for this evolution of form into formless to take place, the seeker must make
the philosopher’s stone; the mystic key which when possessed brings enlightenment upon the maker
and enables them to conclude Magnum Opus- The Great Work.  Pieces created with this knowledge
not only are the
reflecting essence of the maker, but also encapsulate the essence of
consciousness, the unification of the limited with the unlimited, and bridge the gap between man and

My experience in the realm of Alchemy began with copper, one of the most common metals used in the
process. The elemental mystery and challenge of copper called to me, and I began creating various
works.  On a spiritual journey
across time and space my consciousness expanded, and this
expansion revealed itself through my art. A glimpse into the evolution of this process is displayed here,
representing the rigidity of form shifting into formless and pure creations, the
burning of impurity.

I stumbled onto the philosopher’s stone the moment I realized the creativity and consciousness I found
within myself was already present all around me, especially within the copper.  I became
aligned with
, and allowed the universal intelligence that guides the cosmic dance of life to fuel these works
by allowing the copper to react and form naturally. In line with the fluidity of life, the copper works
continue to evolve even after the last touches of my brush, giving me continued inspiration.

Some of these pieces have not yet reached their final form; they shall continue to transform under the
guidance of natural law.